Covid-19 response by Friends of Al-Falah (NL)

Friends of Al-Falah received the following report:

Don Bosco, Quetta (Pakistan): Saturday, May 29, 2020

The Salesian Community of Don Bosco Quetta received a favorable amount of Euro 3,000/- (PKR 520,590/-) as a contribution in the provision of the clinical items (facemasks, gloves) and food items (wheat flour, sugar, oil, rice, lentils and toiletry). The amount was used to buy grocery provisions for 130 most deserving families. Fr. Sami, the rector of Don Bosco Quetta had personally supervised the purchase of quality food. Some local contribution was put to reach out to more needy families.

A group of volunteers offered their services to pack the grains into smaller packs. These parcels contain 21 kilograms of daily food necessities together with a 20 kilograms sack of wheat flour. A package is good for one month for a family of 4-5 people.

A father of 5 children (resident of the Essa Nagri) knocked at the Salesian residency about 10 in the evening with his children and sick wife, telling that his family is hungry and badly needs something to eat.

The food supplies were brought to the homes of the neediest with the help of the parochial catechist. A Salesian brother, Faraz Darshan, who is also a graduate of Al-Falah, accompanied the supplies and said a prayer for the good of the generous donors.

The others experienced the love of the generous people at Don Bosco Compound, as they gathered to receive the food supplies and facemasks.

The fatal consequences of the ignorance are shown in the increasing numbers of cases. These workers are obliged by the department to work, while others are on quarantine.

Fr. Sami, a Salesian priest, went in the streets to distribute safety guide brochures, facemask and gloves among the sanitary workers.

Most people are even not aware of the severity of the situation. More than 8,000 confirmed cases are officially reported only in Quetta. The actual figures can be tree times more that this. The COVID related casualties are increasing after the relaxing of the lock down during the Muslim feast of End of Ramadan.

A senior doctor of Bolan Medical Complex in our neighborhood, has succumbed to Covid-19. The government is now thinking of strict measures, even a curfew.

As of now, three Christian people have been known to lose their lives to the pandemic. However, many have recovered after been diagnosed positive, one Don Bosco student, Farhan Bhatti.

From Fr. Sami a special thanks to the Friends of Al-Falah and the good-hearted people, who have extended their love and care to the deprived part of humanity through the Salesians of Quetta. Generosity is received with gratitude and distributed with religious responsibility. There are still people awaiting assistance in many places.

May God always keep you all in your loving care and shield from every physical and spiritual harm.

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