In consultation with the Al-Falah alumni, the foundation has awarded scholarships to young people for studying at a university or higher vocational training institute. The courses range from one to three years. The students are expected to contribute a part of their education fund. The careful selection of candidates for these scholarships was made ​​in consultation with Inderyas Ilyas, who was and is responsible for supervising the students during their studies. So far, 18 boys and girls graduated from university or higher education. They now serve as role models for the community and particularly for the Christian community in Quetta.

Tahira Shoukat, third-year student architecture at the Dawood College of Engineering and Technology in Karachi: “Thanks to the fellowship that I received from the Friends of Al-Falah foundation I’m able to continue my study. I’m enjoying my study and I’m doing well. Being the only Christian among Islamic fellow students is rather a challenge than a problem.”

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