Sub 1 – Drop-outs
The premature exit from secondary education or leaving school without passing the school exam is a big problem among young people in Quetta, but especially for the young people from the Christian community. Dropping-out from school is mainly due to the lack of sufficient motivation. On the one hand there is the poor quality of education: irrelevant curricula, limited textbooks, poorly trained teachers and high absenteeism among teachers, lack of teaching materials, and on the other hand there is a non-supportive home situation: no money for school uniforms and books, household chores (fetching water or firewood, taking care of young siblings) and requirement to contribute to the family income. The jobs that young people can find do not require skills and are generally poorly paid.

AwW is trying to convince parents and youth that finishing school and doing exams is important for the future. AwW therefore organizes tutoring, homework assistance and support for boys and girls to prepare for exams.
The aim of AwW is to offer as many as possible children the opportunity  to sit for their Matriculation (High School, grade 10) and Iintermediate (College, grade 12) examination. A pass for these exams is the minimum requirement for finding a job with the government. A limited number of young people that are capable and motivated to continue their study at university or at higher vocational training are financially sponsored and counseled.

AwW is not a school, but supports and guides. In four Basti’s (neighbourhoods of Quetta), where many Christians live is a community room for evening classes and homework under appropriate supervision.

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